The Iceland Ocean Cluster

The Iceland Ocean Cluster’s mission is to create value by connecting together entrepreneurs, businesses, and knowledge in the marine industries. To serve this mission we provide a range of services and invest our resources in new marine spin-offs and projects.

We operate the Ocean Cluster House in Reykjavík, home to entrepreneurs, startups and growing businesses in the marine industry. We also assist new businesses by offering business plan advice, helping them expand their networks and connecting them to investors.
Building on deep industry insights, practical experience, knowledge of emerging trends, threats and opportunities our expert team delivers high quality analysis, findings and recommendations to marine businesses, startups and institutions.
Our business experts and economists use a business-oriented approach to gathering data, harnessing its relevance and using it to create insights and guidance. Our research has focused on seafood, byproduct utilization, marine biotech and other marine industries.
We operate a powerful cooperation platform (business cluster) with select member businesses. Membership provides businesses with opportunities to interact closely with the industry, partake in events, global projects, new projects and spin-off business development.
Our team regularly speaks at industry events globally. We provide an original, motivational and engaging story to audiences interested in emerging marine trends, harnessing networks to create value, new seafood utilization methods, marine biotech and the future of seafood.
We help people and businesses in getting to know the Icelandic marine industries. We facilitate networking for foreign businesses in Iceland and organize group tours focusing on the uniqueness of the Icelandic seafood and marine industries. Click here for more info.


Trackwell Ltd is an Icelandic company established in 1996, developing solutions for wireless communication networks.

Trackwell has a proven track record in developing mission-critical systems for telecom operators, governmental institutions, and other organisations. An innovative team of professionals with vast experience has established the company as a leading provider of Mobile Resource Management (MRM) solutions delivered as software as a service (SaaS) for enterprises. Trackwell MRM provides companies with tools to manage their resources: employees, vehicles, vessels and other mobile assets including functionality like time-, task-, and fleet management. Hundreds of companies manage thousands of employees and over ten thousand land, sea and air-borne vehicles via the Trackwell MRM systems, every day.

Trackwell Mobile Resource Management offer state of the art services to manage their fleet and workforce.
Trackwell Maritime ERS (Electronic Reporting System) is a catch information system for fishing vessels and companies, fish markets and fishing authorities. The Maritime VMS(Vessel Monitoring System) is used by Fisheries Authorities, Coastguards and Navies for Surveillance, Search and Rescue, Resource Management and Fisheries Control.

Trackwell Tímon  is a time and task registration system, including clock in/clock out, project/task registration, attendance/absence registration and many more features.

Kolbeinn GunnarssonDirector of Trackwell Maritime

itim International

Co-founded by Bob Waisfisz and Prof. Dr. Geert Hofstede, itim International has over 30 years of expertise in helping clients to identify and implement practical and culturally sensitised management practices. Our strong academic foundation, unique tools, and experienced consultants enable clients to go beyond cultural awareness. We do this by empowering clients to effectively recognise, adapt to and deal with challenging cultural situations and turn the challenges around into a competitive advantage and true global effectiveness.

Sjaak PappeAssociate Partner


The South African Association for Marine Biological Research (SAAMBR) incorporates uShaka Sea World and the Oceanographic Research Institute. The South African Association for Marine Biological Research (SAAMBR) stimulates community awareness of the marine environment through education and promotes wise, sustainable use of marine resources through scientific investigation.

SAAMBR fulfills this mission by operating the following divisions:

  • The Oceanographic Research Institute (ORI)
  • uShaka Sea World
  • uShaka Sea World Education Centre.


The National Association of Small Boat Owners, NASBO or LS, was founded on December 5, 1985.

National Association of Small Boat Owners is a contact partner and regional partner of Small Boat Owners in Iceland. Member 15.


  • Ensure the common interests of small boat owners in all areas.
  • Be a public voice for small boat owners.
  • Promote progress in the field of fisheries, product bouquet inspection, safety and social security and other matters of concern to them.
Halldór ÁrmannssonChairman
Ferrule FriðriksdóttirOffice
Örn PalssonDirector


To promote knowledge, preservation and environmental education in a fun and passionate manner. To transport adults and children to a world of dream and fantasy, by creating unique emotions and moments that touch hearts and awaken minds.

To provide unique experiences, to bring people closer to nature and awaken their passion for learning. To make today’s young people the knowledgeable adults of tomorrow.

To transport adults and children to a world of adventure and fantasy. To make them smile and dream, and to stimulate their emotions.

To understand, to raise awareness and play an active role in the conservation and preservation of marine life, their species and habitats.

To investigate, get to know and share the secrets of marine life. To promote knowledge, integrating and collaborating with scientific, national and international communities.

To create bonds and strengthen roots with our community, giving individuals their worth and actively contributing to social and economic development.