Fishing, women, and historical constructions of nature

2018-03-08T21:56:44+00:00 March 8th, 2018|

By Lia ní Aodha, “Without the fisherwife, the fisherman's tasks could not be completed” (Nadel Klein 2000: 367). Today, on International Women’s Day, and in a year that marked the centenary of women’s suffrage (and election to Parliaments) in a number of countries - including the UK and Ireland – women will celebrate all over the [...]

Science is not always done at the office – Life in a South African Aquarium

2018-02-15T09:48:25+00:00 February 15th, 2018|

By Theodora Sam, Secondment, secondment, a time to move away from the comfort of my office at The University of Tromsø, Norway to live and work in a non-academic institution, The South African Association of Marine Biological Research (SAAMBR). On 3rd November 2017, I began my travel from Tromsø to Durban, South Africa. It was quite a [...]

Counting fish? What about Pulse trawling?

2018-01-08T22:38:02+00:00 January 8th, 2018|

By Lia ní Aodha, At the very moment when we should be remaking politics, we have at our disposal only the pathetic resources of “management” and “governance.” (Latour, 2017: 107-109). “numbers are used as ‘automatic pilots ‘ in decision-making, they transform the thing being measured – segregation, hunger, poverty – into its statistical indicator, and displace political [...]

Computer Scientist visiting the ICES ASC.

2017-10-29T12:41:11+00:00 October 12th, 2017|

By Shaheen Syed, "Wait, what, Florida?". Indeed, the ICES Annual Science Conference (ASC) 2017 was happening in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As a Ph.D. candidate in computer science, and being part of SAF21, a Horizon2020 funded fisheries project, I needed to go to the biggest fisheries conference according to my Ph.D. colleagues. What to expect? I don't [...]

MARE, the always-Amsterdam conference: The meeting place for interdisciplinary social scientists in marine resource management

2017-10-06T11:57:18+00:00 October 6th, 2017|

By Theodora Sam, This year I joined the 9th MARE conference, which is a conference held bi-annually always in the city of Amsterdam, at the University of Amsterdam, Roeterseiland campus. The conference provides a platform for researchers, policymakers, organizations, and others interested in the management of marine resources to meet and discuss interdisciplinary social science research [...]

Oh, sweet summer school: sweat, science, and surprises!

2017-08-18T13:52:57+00:00 August 18th, 2017|

By Charlotte Weber, It is summer, and in a PhD student’s life this only means one thing – no, not holidays – but time to go for a summer school! That sounds fun, doesn’t it? But what is a summer school and why should I go there? First of all, summer schools usually provide intense courses [...]

Iceland? Why are you going to ICELAND?

2017-05-30T08:47:46+00:00 May 30th, 2017|

By Ixai Salvo Borda, Iceland, land of mystery. Iceland, land of “fire, ice and cod” (as my colleague Rannvá says in her blog post. For Basque people, Iceland also supposes a land of conquer, risk and richness, as we used to sail into those cold waters of the North to hunt whales. That, and some other “issues”, [...]

Writing, reading, visualizing – a story about SAF21 collaboration and how a team can make you stronger

2017-09-11T10:02:46+00:00 May 11th, 2017|

By Charlotte Weber, This last spring, during April 2017 I spent my days at the Center for Policy Modelling at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) in the UK. A collaboration with my fellow SAF21 colleague Shaheen Syed is what had brought me there in the first place. He had been working on some interesting research, where he [...]

Plotting Seas with Python and ICES Shape File

2017-05-30T08:12:07+00:00 April 29th, 2017|

By Shaheen Syed and Charlotte Weber, This example shows how to plot and color European seas with Python, Basemap and the ICES shape file. It serves as a basic example from which more elements such as annotations and other plotting elements can be added. It might be the case that during your research you found [...]