Last week, 16-20 April 2018, our ESR Shaheen Syed co-organized and chaired the first workshop on uses of machine learning in fisheries and marine science hosted by ICES in Copenhagen. The workshop (WKMLEARN) explored how machine learning and deep learning can be of use to the existing ICES processes; from data to advice.

A group of ~30 international participants, from Europe and America, participated in the machine learning workshop. There were interesting talks and presentations regarding:
– The use of machine learning to classify plankton
– Tools to help annotate images for improved machine learning classification
– The use of neural networks to model fish biomass
– The use of machine learning for electronic monitoring
– Automatic stock assessment through video analysis using deep learning
– Estimating fish age from otolith images using deep learning
– Analyzing thousands of scientific articles using topic models

The workshop was a great success thanks to all the participants and ICES.

Report of the Workshop on Machine Learning in Marine Science (WKMLEARN)

Recommended format for purposes of citation:
ICES. 2018. Report of the Workshop on Machine Learning in Marine Science (WKMLEARN), 16-20 April 2018, ICES Headquarters, Copenhagen, Denmark. ICES CM 2018/EOSG. 28. pp.

photos courtesy of: ICES & Benjamin Woodward