Four members of the SAF21 team have been attending the Annual Science Conference hosted by the International Council for the Exploration of the Seas in Riga, Latvia (19-23 September 2016). They are Charlotte Weber, Ixai Salvo, and Rannvá Danielsen – all PhD candidates in the project – and Alexander Holdgate, who is an intern.

Ixai presented his paper entitled Measuring Good Governance: Indicators, Tools and Stakeholders in Monday’s session on Integrated Ecosystem Assessment and Decision Support to Advance Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management.

Alex presented his systematic literature review on the Characteristics of Modelling Fisheries as Socio-ecological Complex Adaptive Systems in the same session.

Charlotte rapporteured the session, which was convened by SAF21 project coordinator and Alex’s co-author Melania Borit.

Rannvá said: “The Annual Science Conference is always good fun, you learn a lot of new things, and you meet new interesting people.

“This year’s sessions have been particularly interesting. Personal highlights include the session on integrated ecosystem assessments, the session called Predictably Irrational (after the NY Times bestseller by Dan Ariely) on behavioural economics, and the session on integrating humanities and social sciences into marine ecosystem management.

“We all also really enjoyed the Game Night they organised – although we don’t know who won the €50 yet – and the career chat and workshop on getting published. So many thanks to the organisers for putting so much effort into organising the conference and making sure we all get as much out of it as possible.”