By Ixai Salvo Borda,

7 months and 6 days, meaning that 219 days has passed since my plane landed in Tromsø. Too many days since the snow mesh up my beard and the cold wind welcomes me with a hug. A long time has passed since I landed for my 5 weeks secondment in the Arctic University of Norway (UiT).

University of Tromsø in January Morning (12/01/16 at 9 am)

Now, in the hot Spanish summer, looking the palm trees through my window, memories came back. The snow on my feet, the dark “daytime”, the northern lights over the University….

The University! I do not want to give the impression that my secondment was just a lovely travel, although is always a pleasure to travel up far north and enjoy the snow. Really, it was a busy period where 3 professors, Svein Jentoft, Janh Petter Johnsen and Peter Holm, worked hard with me to set up what is going to be my first article (soon to be finished).

It was during this time (3 weeks) of storms and ice when inside the forge of knowledge (a.k.a. The University) those 3 brilliant minds challenged my ideas and with patience and wisdom molded my young and crazy thoughts into suitable projects and results. Those intellectual fights challenge all my knowledge on fisheries governance and sharpen my view of the world.

Clever PhD’s create evil but ethical snowman after Philosophy course

After those 3 weeks of creation, I stayed 2 weeks more to attend the Philosophy and Ethics in Science (BIO-8603) course that the Arctic University of Norway prepares for PhD students. This course sinks into the souls of the students and brings up the values and the hidden ideas to confront them with the empirical science, the great philosophical theories, and the daily ethical problems. It allows evaluating the values of science in a multidisciplinary environment.

In addition to this course, all the ESR’s of SAF21 attended the Training Camp 2 of the program, but that, as another story it has to be told in the proper time and in the proper way.

But, not everything was knowledge fights, hard work and mind challenges. During this time I had also the chance to re-connect with a city, friends, and landscapes that I love. I also had time to spent and know better the ones that are my travel companions in the SAF-21 group and I even had time to participate in “Aurora hunting” (this is, Northern lights watching).

Coming back to the present, it can be said that it was a very productive time with lots of fun between a structured, organized and well programmed successful work.

Will I ever go back to Tromsø? Who knows, the world is big, life no so long, many places to visit, but the Paris of the Arctic has always something that attracts crazy fishermen like me.

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