By Shaheen Syed,

Coming from a pure computer science background and having worked as a software developer in the industry for quite some time, I really wanted to gain some knowledge on fisheries. As my Ph.D. tries to blend computer science, and more specifically text analytics with fisheries, going to UiT was the logical choice. This was further fueled by my ongoing research on building semantic lexicons for the fisheries domain.

Having been in Tromso during the winter, the city looks totally different in the summer. I stayed in Tromso for almost 6 weeks ( 4 April – 15 May) and have enjoyed the city and the people to the fullest. I met some great people working at UiT, had a wonderful time with my fellow ESRs and learned a lot from everyone. I followed a course on computational linguistics, did a course on Ph.D. leadership skills, gave two workshops on how to create a WordPress site and how to code a scientific paper in Latex. I furthermore managed to write up my first paper on bootstrapping a semantic lexicon which is now submitted and under review.

There was room for fun times as well. After work drinks, quiz nights, BBQs, birthday parties, home parties, escape room, road trip, pool and much more. I really want to thank all the nice people I met in Tromso for a wonderful time.

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