By Ixai Salvo Borda,

My name is Ixai Salvo Borda, born and raise in a small inland town in the north of Spain near the beautiful city of Pamplona. Without any maritime roots in my family but due to the constant traveling around the Basque coast, I develop, surprisingly for some, a passion for any activity related with the Sea. Therefore, as I was growing, it was day by day more clear that I was going to dedicate my life to the study of maritime systems, animals, activities….

I always think better looking the sea (trip around Mediterranean fishing places)

Following my interests, I studied Environmental Biology at the University of Navarra and specialized in Marine Biology at the Plymouth University during my Erasmus year. The time at this beautiful English harbor made finally realize that from all the things that I was loving from the Sea, fishing and fishing activities were going to be my future. Following this though, and wanting to change my winds, I decide to move to the Arctic University of Norway (University of Tromsø) to study the International Fisheries Management master. In addition, once there, I soon started working as an onboard fisheries researcher for the University, and, when I finish my Master I stayed one more year there working.

However, I was feeling worried about one aspect all the time. Back in Tromsø, while working with fishing technology, biology of fishes and related topics, I realize that I was missing something. With my experience from the Master I soon realize that I was forgetting about one of the most important things in the Fisheries world, the people. Once that I agreed with myself on that, I decided to make a jump, change the direction of my research and focus in the social sciences aspects of the fisheries.

…I soon realize that I was forgetting about one of the most important things in the Fisheries world, the people

My search of future walking paths (and the invaluable help of advisors) guide my steps to discover the EU Early Stage Researcher’s (Marie Curie scholarship) of the SAF21 project. This project focus in understanding how to manage socio-ecological system betters, the EU fisheries, to develop effective fisheries management strategies.


As part of the SAF21 project of the European Union, I work with fisheries governance and stakeholders´ interactions. My intention is to integrate social and governance metrics, for measuring the performance of socio-ecological systems through a structured multidisciplinary dialogue. I want to achieve a general overview of how the governance is applied and perform inside a fishery and answer a key question for me: It is possible to measure fisheries governance in an easy way?

In the project I aim to create a tool for the measurement of fisheries governance in a simple and useful way to be used all around the world. This measurement of the fisheries governance will be done through the development of social and governability fishery indicators. Linked to this path, the project involves an analysis of different kind of interactions that stakeholders have in different management systems.

I am based in the CETMAR Foundation in Vigo, and that’s why my first try of my tool will be in Galician fisheries and afterwards I will try to spread the system around the EU and who knows, in the world?

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