By Charlotte Weber,

For my secondment at Syntesa I travelled to a tiny place, somewhere in the Atlantic between Norway and Iceland. I arrived at a stunning scenery, wild mountains, rough seas, stormy winds and sheep all over the place – welcome to the Faroe Islands!

The Syntesa Team outside their office in Gøta, Faroe Islands

I chose Syntesa because I wanted to collect experiences beyond the world of academia. Syntesa is a small company with a diverse team and a wide field of action. The company works with everything from innovation management and national and international research to providing advisory services to the industry. Their team is just as diverse, which makes it a great place to get a very rich impression of how entrepreneurship in combination with innovation and science might look like. The small size of the company got me to work very closely with the entire Syntesa team. That was a great advantage because through that I felt I was directly involved with their ongoing work and got to look “over people’s shoulders”. I felt I could contribute with a scientific mind to a very interdisciplinary work environment. My times at Syntesa brought me a lot of teamwork experience, discussing ideas and making things happen by combining everyone’s expertise.

I returned home with a feeling of having enriched not only my skill set, but also my network and work experience. The times at Syntesa taught me many things I could not have learned within the academic environment at my home university at Tromsø.

Therefore, I want to shout out to the entire Syntesa team at this point: Thank you for having me!

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